Friday, January 04, 2008

My Roots

Isidor Schlageter is my ancestor who came to this country

He was born on Mar 29 1831 in Obergebisbach, Baden, Germany.

It is still a tiny village you can look it up on google maps and see it with the satellite view here it is...

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He came to the United States with his Sister (Therese Meyer) and her family she was 51 years old when she came. Isidor was 20

He arrived on July 1, 1851 on a ship call The SOPHIE it left the port of Bremen Germany.

He married Barbara Knauf in 1860 Buffalo the 1880 Census says she was from Prussia

He was a tailor by trade

He shows up in the 1880 Unites Census when he was 49 years old. At that time he and his family were living at 11 Ash St. The house is no longer there.

The Census lists 7 children here they are with their ages

Joseph 21 Tailor
(The Census also says that Joseph was deaf and mute. He is our Great Grandfather. the Father of Joseph F Schlageter who was our Grandfather That probably means that Grandpa Joe as I used to call him knew sign language or knew other people who were deaf and mute. Mary Stafflinger our Grandmother was an sign language interpreter.)

George 17 Tailor
Alfonse 14 at School
Edward 11 at School
Isidor Charles 9 at School
Otilia 8 at School
Ida 4 at Home

We find them again in the 1910 Census where is says he is 78 years old
They now live at what looks like 506 East Utica Street Buffalo
Barbara is 75

I'm not exactly sure but it looks like the girls lied about their ages on the census. Shouldn't they be 30 years older from the last census ?
The 1910 Census says that these are their ages. Hmmm

Othelia 24
Ida 26
(She is the only one listed with a profession it says she is a dressmaker at home)
Mildred 14 or 24 I can't tell

Isidor died April 12th 1914 at the age of 83 He is buried in the United German and French Cemetery in Buffalo NY I don't think there is a grave stone.

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