Tuesday, February 05, 2008

MOP Mopping have you Mopped today ?

So often I hear people say...
I can't preach,
I don't know how to bring people to Christ
I'm not holy enough
I'm a mess how can I invite anyone to be holy

All of the people who say these things are sincere and well meaning
I've said them myself sometimes
I just don't have what it takes

Truth be told....
You don't need to be eloquent or articulate or learned
everyone has different gifts...

The one essential caracteristic of a follower of Christ has to be that we are present
When we are present
we give people time
we listen to people's thought
we laugh with people and cry with people
we move out of our normal sphere of relationships
we don't lecture we discuss
and we do it over and over again.

MOP (Noun)
Mopping (Present Participle)
Mopped (Past Participle)
you MOP
He she or it? MOPS
they MOP

A regular English verb
with incredible power.

You can mop at home
you can mop while shopping
you can mop at church
you can mop at work
get the picture...

What holds us back from mopping ?
Why are we afraid just to be involved in other peoples lives
How healthy
How Christian
is it to sit in our little worlds and just fixate about our lives and our problems and our desires?

Jesus gave me to you and you to me
He gave him to her and her to him and us to them

We are brothers and sisters

Have you mopped today.

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