Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Getting Ready

The end of the year is always full of goodbyes and excitement. There are lots of dinners and functions to attend. It is always strange to me how quickly the campus empties out before you know it they are gone. We are already in full swing getting ready for our Mission trips. They leave next week.

The Office is like a staging filled with bags, we are taking candles stubs and t-shirts and communion dresses, a paschal candle or two, tons of sneakers, shoes and soccer balls, school supplies, med kits and lots of other things to Belize, Honduras, Jamaica and Tanzania. I was exploring ultra-violet water purifiers today. We shall see.

I also ordered the Chronicles of Narnia just a little reading. It takes 24 hours to get to Dar es Salam and then we will travel the next day to Kigoma Tanzania. I don't think there is internet access there but if there is I will try to post something.

53 years old and going to Africa joy the Order and see the world. Here are a couple of links to our Mission Trips... to Give you and idea.

St. Mary's Above Rocks Jamaica

Mission Honduras

Mission Belize

Mission Tanzania (Brothers of Charity) AHADI Kigoma Tanzania

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sodajunkie said...

Awesome! We'll be praying for you on this journey.

John and Steph