Sunday, December 07, 2008

The Second Sunday of Advent

The Catholic University of America has been declared an exam free campus
therefore all exams are canceled.

Buses are waiting outside St. Vincent’s to take you to one of our local airports
We have already packed your bags.
You will then fly first class or business class to your homes cities
and driven home in limousines.
Thank you for your patience.

Over the holidays you can eat whatever you want and not gain any weight.

Fr. Bob is the most handsome priest on this campus.

Dreams Dreams Dreams

During the time of Jesus news and ideas laws and information
were spread just like that.

Someone would stand in the town square or in the middle of a group of people
and shout out the news.

In the larger cities someone would announce the closing to the Gates
or the decrees of the King or the laws of the Kingdom.

Even visiting dignitaries would pay people to announce their arrival
so that they would be received properly when they arrived in the city.

John the Baptist was a herald probably one of many heralds
but John the Baptist didn’t just announce dreams or news or laws

He announced hope
and the hope he announce was simple.

Something new was about to happen
Something incredible was about to happen
Something so incredible that we had to do something to be ready

If you think about it all of the readings today announced the coming of something new is about to take place.

The first reading in Isaiah proclaims that the Glory Of God will be revealed.

In the second reading Paul proclaims that we await a new heaven and a new Earth.

And there is anticipation in the Baptists proclamation.
John proclaims that the Lord is coming… prepare his way.

But to experience this newness of life John also announces that we have to change.
We have to repent

There had to be a change of heart

Those who came to him had to be baptized or
washed clean.

The commentaries say that this is the same thing that was demanded of the Gentiles when they converted to Judism.
They need to be wash clean.

For the people of Jesus’ time that could have meant a lot of different things
but everyone had to change something

Some had grown complacent in their religious practice many were just going through the motions.

For some people of Jesus’ time the Baptist's call meant that they had to be willing to let go of their old way of thinking.

They had to let go of their old perspective they had look at things in a new light.

For some people it meant that they had to let go of their positions of power and authority…
It was the hardest for them it is easy to see how they were so afraid.

Why did so many believe John?
Why did the whole of Judea and all the inhabitants of Jerusalem come out to greet him?

He practiced what he preached.
He was not tied down by the world and its comforts locusts and wild honey isn't much
He he lived simply.

He was telling them something they already knew.
They knew they had to change.
They knew their hearts had grown cold.

He was absolutely humble in his message.
His words pointed to someone else he was not in it for profit.

What does all of this mean for us?

Exams are still going to happen.
There will be no limos waiting to take you home.
It looks like its the bus from Greenbelt to BWI
or the metro to National Airport..
Who knows how you get to Dulles.


Something new can happen to us too
and John the Baptist calls us to something new something wonderful

He calls us to prepare a place for the Lord in our hearts
just like he called the people of his time to repent to change.

All of us need to change.
All of us have things in our hearts which we know aren’t right.

All of us have to let go of our old way of thinking and be willing to try something new.

Some of us have to let go of things which we thing give us great comfort
Inappropriate behavior
Chemicals or medications we use incorrectly
Lives of reckless abandon
Our Propensity Procrastination
Creature comforts
Our Toys our gadgets and things and money
We put so much stock in these things and I know that many are simply afraid to let go.

Someone was talking to me about Pot like it thier very best friend this week.
and they were so afraid to part ways.

The more we hold on to these things
the tighter we hold on to them
the more we trust them
the less space there is for God in our lives.

The less space there is for hope in our lives..

If we want something new
If we want something more

We have to follow the Baptist out into the wilderness

Will we step out?
or will we be afraid ?

Prepare the way of the lord...
Clear the pathway... of all the junk that is in the way.

Let Him in....

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