Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Solemnity of Christ the King - Year B - 2015

Today on the last Sunday of the liturgical year we celebrate the Feast of Christ the King

I found this on the internet and I offer it to you to ponder.

-Kings are usually born in a palace, places of privilege, but our King was born in a stable.

-While most kings spent all of their time building up wealth, Jesus our King owned nothing at all. 

-Kings are usually surrounded by servants;
-Jesus chose to be a servant. 

-Instead of riding into town on a big white horse surrounded by soldiers, Jesus our King rode into town on the back of a donkey.

-Kings usually surround themselves with powerful and influential friends 
-Jesus was the friend of regular people, working class people, fishermen and carpenters.

-He is the friend of the lowly, the poor and sinners.

-Our King’s crown was not gold or silver.
It was not a symbol of power studded with precious jewels.

-Instead they crowned Him with thorns.
His crown was a sign of his willingness to suffer for love.

-Instead of robes and jewels he wore a cloak and tunic

-To some Jesus seemed powerless but he was indeed powerful,

-Jesus our King’s throne was not an ornate symbol of his power instead he ruled from the cross paying the price for our sins.

-Like many good Kings, Jesus gave his life for his people;
unlike any other king death had no power over him and he rose from the dead.

Jesus was a king in a completely different way than other kings so it follows that we his followers should be entirely different from other people

What does Jesus our King ask from us?

How should a disciple of Christ the King supposed to live live?

Here are just a few examples…
-Love your enemy do good to those who persecute you,
-If someone wants your shirt give him your coat as well.

-Do not store up for yourself treasure on earth rather.Feed the hungry, clothe the naked, heal the sick, visit prisoners and store your treasure in heaven.

-Whatsoever you do for the least of my brothers you did to me.

-Forgive not 7 times but rather 70x70 times.

-Lend to those who cannot pay you back.

-Take this all of you and eat.
-Do this in memory of me.

Put so simply Christian discipleship sounds so radical.

It is indeed a radical choice to follow Christ the King and it takes courage.
Are we willing to really follow him ?


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