Saturday, July 28, 2007

Call out the Reinforcements

Fr. O'Connell's Mom has been sick in the hospital and we have all been very very concerned about her and her family. On the morning of her surgery Mom and I had Mass for her intention. Then Mom suggested we go see "the Nuns." Actually "The Nuns" are retired Sisters from the Franciscan Sisters of Williamsville who have shared their lives so generously in Western New York for so many years. They are loved all over Western New York. "Our General" in the army is Sister Mary Nelson. She was an Elementary School Principal for many years. When we arrived the army was ready for battle and armed with their rosaries. We all prayed for Fr. O'Connell's Mom and for all of the other intentions that people send their way each day. I was a little embarrassed because they prayed the luminous mysteries and I don't know them.. (Sorry JPII) Here is a picture of the Nuns with Mom in the middle. Such holy faithful women..

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