Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Emmjolee and Larry's Wedding...And I'm in Buffalo

I'm in Buffalo with my Mom who is enduring perennial car problems at the moment.. I hope I can just calm her down and walk her through this whole thing... Change is not always easy especially when you are 82.

Larry and Emmjolee are married. It was a beautiful weekend. The staff at St. Columban's in Garden Grove CA were so welcoming. I enjoyed the Mass, especially watching the excitement on Larry's and Emmjolee's face. Planning and executing weddings can be very taxing but Emmjolee true to form pulled it off beautifully.
What struck me ? Family Family Family... Both Larry and Emmjolee come from beautiful extended families. They love each other so much and accept each other as they are. They maintain relationships and work at being together. To see all of those Philly people (Salt of the Earth) come all that way for Larry was inspiring. He seems so relaxed and at peace when he is with his family. They are such down to earth good people... the ladies driving the Church van were an experience... let them tell you. I enjoyed their company. Dan, Larry's brother, gave one of the most moving tributes (toasts) to Larry that I've ever heard at wedding. I've heard lots of them let.

(I'm sorry my picture of Larry's extended family didn't turn out so I present you the Church Van Ladies.. how many women does it take to park a Church Van? You guess...)

Emmjolee's family was also incredible. So many good people, hard workers.. most who immigratedfrom the Philippines and have been very successful. Emmjolee grew up in an extended family. Her Mother's seven sisters and their children all seemed to have grown up together. Everyone was rejoicing as if one of their own was getting married. Indeed they seem to love her as if she was their own. Emmjolee's Dad gave a wonderful tribute to his daughters and his wife at the reception. It was incredible and his strong faith in God was so evident.

When people come for good families there just seem to be better able to face the challenges of life because they know that they never have to face them alone.

I also ran in to Chuck and Ponch (I don't know how to spell that) both CUA Almuni . Chuck is studying Philosophy. I had a great conversation with him by the pool of the Motel. He refuses to live anything but a "thoughtful life" He like so many CUA alumni is following his passion.. beautiful to see. Ponch he used to play football at Catholic is a Police Office in New York he and his beautiful wife (Also a CUA Alumni) attended the wedding. In the next few months he is going to be made a Sargent in New Yorks finest.. Proud of you.

You know Priests witness weddings all of the time, and I have to admit sometimes I am filled with anxiety about the couple getting married. I have no anxiety when it comes to Emmjolee and Larry they are well equipped to face whatever life throws their way. Just another example of the incredible beauty of the Sacrament of Marriage. God is good.

Larry and Emmjolee What a wonderful weekend thanks for letting me be a part of it.

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