Monday, July 16, 2007


Last week I went to Rhode Island for Dr. Brennan's Mom's funeral. Fr. O'Connell and Julie Englund were also there.

The church was simple the music was well done, and the whole experience was prayerful. I was touched by the neighboring priest who showed up at the last minute from another funeral to preside at the Mass. He had a very busy schedule that day. He gave a great homily.

I wore my collar went I flew into Thomas Green Airport, and so many people went out of their way to say hello to me and engage me in conversation, much more so than in Washington DC.

The headlines today talk about a 660 million dollar settlement for the abuse cases in Los Angles. There are some of us who are so intimidated by all of this negative publicity that they prefer to fade into the woodwork. I don't judge them at all and I completely understand.
However, experience has show me that there is still a wonderful respect and concern for priests in the hearts of so many. Some of the people in Rhode Island almost seemed grateful that I chose to identify myself as a priest.

I can only assume that this incredible respect which people still have for priests is the fruit of countless lives poured out in loving service to God's people and God's Church. Yes there have been a few tragically broken souls who have done horrible things but.... there is also a veritable army of dedicated men who have willingly just given their lives in service.

Thanks for the Homily Fr. David... btw "I can't imagine the world without love"

5 days to Larry and Emmjolee's wedding... YEAH
and is today the day for the NEW NICHOLS BABY to come into the world ?

Prayers promised..

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