Sunday, September 23, 2007

25th Sunday of Ordinary Time – Year C

The Basilica of the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception
4:00 Campus Ministry Mass
September 23, 2007

May the Peace of Christ Reign in our Hearts

No servant can serve two masters.
He will either hate one and love the other,
or be devoted to one and despise the other.

Some people never really get to the place where they understand that

God should be their master

They live life on the surface

Their whole life is sadly wrapped up in their own interest many times without really knowing it.

They are not necessarily bad people many times they do good things

They take good care of their kids because it reflects well on them

They go to Church because it makes them feel good

They do good at work because they want the bonus

They are not necessarily mean or angry or bitter people

But everything they do is turned inward…

Their motivation is focused on themselves

And if there is not something in it for them then they see no reason to do it.

They are their own master and they don’t really know that it should be any other way

All of us are like that sometimes…

Some people have heard the word of God

Or somehow experienced the love of God

And there is a desire in their heart to follow it

But they also frequently find it hard to put this desire into action

While their eye is set on God

their deep motivation continues to be their own interest

once in a while they can move beyond themselves

They know what their motivation should be

They know that God is their destiny and their only hope

And they think they are doing God’s will for God


When they are asked to love

to act in the interest of others

They are not strong enough in their resolve or self-understanding

they are still trapped in themselves

We often bounce in and out of this group

We think we are doing the right thing for the right reason but in reality

there is still a lot of self-seeking in our hearts.

People in this group want God to be their Master

But because of fear… frequently they are still trapped in their own self interest.

All of us have moments like this.

There are those who long to live their lives for God or others

however are caught in a net of addiction or habit.

They want to do good

they want to follow God

they want to make Him their master

But over time they have developed patterns or habits of behaving

And these habits have a hold on them.

When things are going well

it is so clear to them how they should live

But with stress or in moments of temptation

their habit or their patterns kick in

and they are often caught in a wave which is nearly impossible to swim out of.

They try over and over to break these unhealthy habits and

After a lot of prayer and self-understanding and spiritual direction

many eventually do

People in this group want to have God as their master but their habits hold them back.

All of us have bad habits which bring us down

You know

I believe there is a special place in God’s heart for these people

who over time and because of poor choices have simply lost their freedom.

They see God as their destiny

They understand where they should be going in their lives

They just can’t seem to get there

Often they are like ships ready to sail

Their sails are full and their desire is great

They just can’t pull up the anchor that is holding them back

When they are finally able to be free… with God’s grace

These often turn into the most compassionate loving people

Because they know what it is like to live without freedom

They know what it is like to desire to accept God as their master and fail to do so.

There are those who over time and lots of grace and have

Somehow been able to free themselves of their self-interest

God is indeed their master and they are often able to follow him without fear they are versed at being able to let go of their own wants and desires

They are able and willing to love

They have developed the virtue

of emptying themselves for love of God

and love of their neighbors.

People in this group do not live their lives on the surface

They are able to understand the deepest motivations of their heart

They know that you cannot have two masters

God is indeed their Master and they are not afraid

Some of us have moments like this.

Which one of these people are we

Which group do we fall in.

Quite often we move in and out of all of these groups everyday

Have we given our hearts to God and our neighbor

Or are we lost in our own interests and wants.

No servant can serve two masters.
He will either hate one and love the other,
or be devoted to one and despise the other.

Who is our Master


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