Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Freshman Retreat and Facing the day...

The Freshman Retreat was last weekend, 221 students and 10 adults attended. Check Out the Pictures Even former staff members generously gave up their weekend to wash dishes and sweep the floor. Thanks, Jake and Lauren.Betsey and Craig, Sue and Pete also joined us and helped out. As usual the retreat was at "Kamp A komplish" (Yeah that's how they spell it)in Nanjemoy MD and we squeezed 221 people into a place that holds 78. "How did you do that?", you ask. We did it with Red Cross cots and two huge tents and a lot of prayer for good weather.

Over the last six years this retreat has grown and grown and grown and kind of developed into a tradition. Each year the retreat teams add something new. It is beautiful to see the retreat team "preach to their peers." The gender separated "sex talks" as the kids call them, are beautiful holy moments. Several students commented that this was the first time they really understood the teaching of the Church and why it is important. Almost to a person the students who participated enjoyed the retreat. To see their faces as they make new friends, and to wipe away their tears as many make their first adult confessions, is an incredible experience and worth every sacrifice.

The only glich in the weekend happened on the way home when the transmission on one of our vans sprung a leak and lost all of its fluid.... Yikes... I drove (priviledge of age)as the students and staff pushed it down the highway to a garage. Even Jessica (newly engaged to Levar) was pushing. She said it reminded her of some movie where a little girl pushes a van.. It must be a chick movie... The last movie I was was the Borne Ultimatum. There was no van pushing in that movie just cars blowing up.

Well today is a new day.. We'll have a staff meeting this morning and I just finished praying over the appointments in my calendar. What will I do with today? How will I use it to grow in holiness and purpose?

I have one intention for you at least one I can say. Tonight I am going to meet with 4 nursing students to discuss a pastoral plan for the Nursing School... This will be a new program, the first of it's kind for us and I really hope that we can figure it out. You know me, dreaming as usual, if we can develop a pastoral plan for the nursing school, why not the Music School or the School of Philosophy....

Your will your way Lord. Have a great day

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