Sunday, September 30, 2007

Here was My Day... and 26th Sunday Ordinary Time

Got up at 7:00
Talked to Mom at 9:00
Had the 11:00 AM Mass (Wonderful)
Prayed the Rosary with some kids at the Franciscan Monastery 1:00
a Nap
Worked out 50 minutes on the elliptical
Met with Esto Vir Officers
Spoke before the 7:00 PM Mass (Because of Movies on the Mall)
I'll also speak at the 9:00 PM Mass
I will stop over at the Movies to see the kids and
Off to Bed
What a excellent day... Incredible how blessed I am

Here are some of my thoughts on the Gospel this week.
I didn't type out my Homily

Dives (The Rich Man) was not an evil person he was...
Noticeably Rich you could tell from the way that he dressed
Comfortable... he had so much to eat that the crumbs fell off the table
Wasn't mean... it never says he was mean or unkind to Lazarus...
Cared about his family... even in hell
He wanted his brothers to be saved....
Didn't ask for much just a drop of water to cool his mouth
Yet he was in eternal torment... Why

What was his sin?
Pure and simple he didn't notice his brother in need.
He didn't notice and he didn't do anything to help him.

Being Rich and comfortable is scary
How many people have we failed to notice in our lives

Lots to think about.


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