Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Room blessing are finished.


Room blessings are finished..... Every year we offer to bless our students rooms and say a prayer for them as they begin the year. It takes three priests and our Professional and Student a week and a half to visit all of the buildings. This year we also had almost 30 requests to bless off-campus apartments and houses. It is such a privilege to be invited in. Some times the students don't really know how to act or what to say other times they are so fervent in their prayer. The beautiful thing is they want us to come.. in and pray with them even if they don't understand or aren't sure what a blessing is or what it means.

Thoughtful humanity longs for more.....

When I was blessing the "Baseball House" next to the firestation.... I saw a young man who looked familiar but who I hadn't seen in a while... He looked uncomfortable for some reason I couldn't place him... Three houses later I remember that he missed the team bus a couple of years ago on the way to Washington and Lee and he caught a ride with me to the game. On the way he got sick and threw up in the back seat but he and his friends were too frightened (Strange) to ask me to pull over. When we stopped for gas I couldn't figure out why he was buying air-freshner... Only later did I fill in the whole picture. The kids last night told me he no-longer goes here but went to the military. I'm sorry I didn't recognize him and I wish I would have been able to remember his name and ask him how he was doing.... an opportunity missed. Keep the van kid in your prayers.. He looked fine yesterday he was eating a HUGE SUB

PS.. I'm sitting out on the porch and three helicopters just flew over.. I wonder if that was GWB.. If it was, prayers promised for him too..

God Bless you whoever reads this.

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LPatter said...

FB - you are famous. I fogot to mention I met two guys who love you from the Rugby team last weekend. My parents were visiting and staying at the Pheonix Park, and we were in the elevator with a CUA mom and kids. I think the freshman's name was Steven and his friend "Turtle" was with him - they said that you "rock" and to tell you hello!! It made me smile alot :) Jake & I love the blog - keep up the good work! :)