Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A day in the life of a Catholic Priest October 2007

Get up at 6:45 AM Make my bed - Shower (Too Much Information) Coffee

7:00 AM
Computer - Type out some thoughts for the Campus Ministry - Residence Life in-service meeting at 11:00 this morning on young adult relationships

8:00 AM
Morning Prayer and Mass with the friars followed by an Egg Beater Wrap and the Washington Post

9:00 AM
go over to the Residence Life Office to discuss some issues at Spellman Hall

9:45 AM
Talk with our work study students about their tasks for the day and finalize the Vocation event this Thursday.

10:00 AM
Weekly Staff Meeting... Keep everyone informed discuss what is going on in the different areas of our Ministry. Create a shared vision with consesus

1/2 hour talk on y0ung adult relationships with CM staff and Area Coordinators followed by a good discussion

Lunch with ACs and CM Staff

University Emergency Council Meeting... We are soooo prepared. What an excellent meeting and a it really built up my confidence in our emergency management protocols. Excellent
... By the way we are NIM (National Incident Management) compliant. Shelter in Place or Evacuate... very well prepared indeed

Spiritual Direction with a student

PM Supervision of one of our fine student staff

PM Pastoral conversation with a student

PM Help from CPIT concerning our memorial mass list and the best way to send it out over the email


PM Where am I

PM News and and a lean cuisine

PM Last Friday the Gumba's in Spellman 4 (Freshman boys wanna be men) took down their partitions between their toilets as a joke. No privacy kind of like the military or a prison. No destruction of property they collected all of the of screws and placed them neatly next to the partitions in the study bubble. It has been that way for four days waiting for maintenence to fix it. (Enough already) so I showed up with my screw drivers and found a couple of pagans to help me put everything back together. Hopefully since I made them put it back together they will not tear it down again

8:15 PM
Off to the Brickskellar for a couple of beers with Anthony and Anthony and Ryan our conversation included. The Ministry of Peter, what they plan to do after graduation, ecumenism Wings, mozzarella sticks and all about latin american mission trips and good service by Allison.

10:15 PM
Back to Spellman for a quick visit then to 7th Street to check on a student who was
hit by a car

MOP (Ministry of Presence in the Library, and Lehey computer lab lots of good contact

11:00 PM
Empty the Dishwasher and make the coffee for the morning.

11:10 PM
Fr. Brad just got home from ministry of presence.

That was my day...

Lord I thank you for the beautiful gift of this day in your service
Lord I hope I have used my time wisely.
Bless the good I have done and fix the messes I have made AMEN

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