Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Don't be fooled

Sometimes we fool ourselves when we think about love.

We think thoughts like...

Love is easy
Love is rewarding
Love is fulfilling
Love is always reciprocal
Love will always be received with gratitude

Sometimes love is none of those things.

There have been a few moments of late when I have found love to be difficult
very difficult kind of like Dorothy Day called it "A harsh and dreadful thing"

Sometimes it is so inviting to run away from love
to hide from Love's call
to shelter oneself in pride or arrogance, anger or bitterness or resentment

But when this happens somehow (God's Grace)

I remember that
Love is the only way
And even though it seems at the moment to be so clear that another door would be the best choice.

I know in my heart that love and its friends, hope, forgiveness and healing are the road I must walk.

Love them like they are and and let your love call them to more.... a challenge indeed

Thank you Lord

Who is Dorothy Day you ask ? Click here and find out... you won't be disappointed.

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