Saturday, October 20, 2007

Living Stones

The other day I was sitting in the chair in my office looking out into the Caldwell Courtyard and Francis Garden. If you haven’t seen it check it out the next time you are on campus. It is beautiful. Across from my chair is the stone wall which holds up Caldwell Chapel. Many years ago someone placed those stones in that wall and they continue to support the weight of the chapel where so many people stop and pray.

CUA is just like that wall. Year after year fine people come to Catholic and leave their mark, they place their stone. When you leave, something almost always remains from your time here. Maybe it is a funny story, maybe you started a new organization, maybe your personality helped make CUA a more welcoming place and better place. Maybe you were one of the ones who hosted an off-campus gathering on or took food to the homeless on Friday afternoons.

Whatever the case, it’s hard to live in a place for four years and not leave your mark in some way.Catholic is a living institution. It is continually being created and re-created by the people who pass through its hall, sleep in its Residence Halls, pray in its chapels or play on its sports fields. (Have you seen the sports fields at the Duf lately? WOW! Thanks Mr. Talbot

If you are an alumnus I want you to know that things are going well at Catholic. The kids seem to like it here. Once again we beat the record by welcoming the biggest Freshman Class in CUA’s history to campus. The academic profile is up, and the spirit on campus is good. We even have Sushi, Asian Fusion (whatever that is) and anytime dining - the students can eat as much as they want as often as they want. Yikes! By the way, check out the new décor of the Student Restaurant. You may find some memories there. If you are a current student I want you to know that I am really impressed with the way things are going this year and that we are thrilled that you are here. This weekend there will be some “Older” people on campus many of whom swore to me in the past that they would never gain any weight! Some were here a couple years ago; others were here 50 years ago or more. Everyone of them left their mark at CUA, everyone of them have stories to tell. Alumni, I encourage you to talk to our students. Ask them how things are going and what they think of CUA. I promise you that you will walk away impressed. Students talk to our alumni. Ask them about CUA when they were here. Laugh at their stories and marvel at their accomplishments.

Living stones indeed.

Peace and Prayers,
Your Priest (at least one of them)
Fr. Bob

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