Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Story of Jonah

Jonah is called by God to be a prophet to save Nineveh

Jonah Hates Nineveh

He Runs from God

He puts himself and others at risk

For three days in the belly of a whale during which he prays to God

He seems willing to do God’s will but only go through the motions Does not hav
a change of heart still full of hate

When the Ninevites convert Jonah is outraged and wants to die because he didn’t’ get his way. He can't see them suffer

In God’s eyes Jonah’s mission was a wonderful success

In Jonah’s eyes his mission was a complete failure

What does this little story teach us ………….

Jonah was stuck in his own perspective

How often do we get stuck in our prejudice or perspective ?

How often do we find it so hard to change the way we feel or think.

Jonah rebelled God’s will

Jonah ran from God

Jonah put others at risk

Do we do the same with our bad example and our our stubbornness of heart?

God can even use broken people to get god’s plan

Jonah filled with rage and rebellious was still recognized by Ninevites as God’s Prophet

So often we use an little defect in a person as a way avoid their purpose in God's plan . If the Gospel could only be preached by holy people it would never be proclaimed

How often do we refuse to accept our place in God’s plans because of our brokenness

God Loved Ninevites and God Loved Jonah

Ø G God worked with Jonah

Ø G God worked with the Ninevites

Ø G God also works with us

All of us plead for God’s mercy but how often to we fail to show it to others or
how often do we refuse to ask God to forgive our enemies.

Sadly there is a little Jonah in all of us

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