Saturday, November 24, 2007

Mom and I are about to do our bit for the US Economy

This is how it works for us. The kids go on and make up their wish lists. (Andrew always has the longest list) :) Then Mom and I will sit and see what we can do. Everything we order will be shipped to me. I'll wrap it and bring it with me when I go to Greg (My Brother's house for Christmas)

No more Toys R Us for me... at least not in person.

Today I had the privilege of baptizing Abigail Mckensie Sawyer. She was such a beautiful baby with blue/grey eyes. I put hot water in the font but by the time I did the baptism it was already cold. Seeing all those little kids was a special moment for me. That was the first baptism I've done in a long time.

Mom and I are having a wonderful visit and enjoying each other's company.

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