Friday, November 30, 2007

A blast from the Past.... to be sure

Yesterday I received a visit from Henry Tritter the proto-type for Registrars as Western Connecticut State. He s the man the myth and the legend and he is a dear friend. We sat for an hour talking about people we know our families, and how things are going at Western. Isabel Carvallo sent me a hug via Henry so I sent a real big hug back for him to deliver. When the students used to register at Western, Henry would meet with them and offer them the chance to update their religious preference and other demographic information. He always told them that I gave him a quarter for every new Catholic he found. He gave many years of wonderful service at Western. He is just the perfect example of a person in the right job at the right time. By they way he and Susan have two new beautiful grandchildren I think that makes 4 andthat is why he was visiting in Washington.

My time at Western Connecticut State was wonderful. I met some of my closest and dearest friends in the little Newman Center on 8th Ave Danbury. If you are from Western and you read this please remember me fondly I promise to do the same. By the way Western is the first place people started calling me Fr. Bob which got shortened to FB....
And another Western Connecticut State connection is found in Fr. Andrew Santamauro who was a student when I served in Danbury. He was in the JLA program at Western and an RA on the Westside campus in Grasso Hall. He has been ordained for 3 years and is now working with me here at Catholic U. Here is his picture for the people at Western who might remember him. He is doing an wonderful job and is presently in our kitchen stincking up our house making Sushi or something like that.

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sodajunkie said...

WOW! 2 blasts from the past for me!! Good to see both of them doing well!

- John R.