Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Everything hurts but...

It was worth it....

The annual March for life is always a very intense period of time for us at CUA. Not only do we March. But our campus welcomes the "Marchers for Life" and even offers hospitality. This year we welcomed over 1200 people to stay in the Dufour Center. Lots of sleeping bags, hundreds of cell phones charging in almost every socket in the place (That's something new we have to figure out). There is Adoration and lots of priests hearing confessions, there are 70o suppers to serve and 700 breakfasts (All you can eat and let me tell you they can.) There are showers, and the Rosary when the lights go out. Somehow our Lady puts them all to sleep. You know I often say to our students "those kids could take over whenever they wanted.. You could find me tied up in a corner someplace." Shhh ! Don't tell them. We have been doing this for so many years that it all seems to work out well. Our students volunteer like crazy. There are over 250 hospitality volunteers to keep everyone safe and protected. Many of them stay up all night. Amazing! What can compare with the heroic generosity and energy of young people.


Hey Hey Ho Ho... Roe V Wade has got to go
Your Mom.... chose life.
Somos Pro Vida sin exceptiones
(We were taped by Telemundo again this year a bunch of gringos chanting in Spanish)
Pro choice it's a lie..... babies never choose to die.
Los Bebes amamos y las madres apoyamos...
(that's new this year and we don't really have it down yet)
CUA... is pro-life
The Catholic University of America ... is prolife da..... fo sho fo sho...

Those are some of the chants which echo down Constitution Ave when we march for life.
This year we had over 350 Marchers. I can remember the days when I used to pray to get to 100. Our campus is so transformed so different. The passion and the convictions of our students can't help but inspire. The chapels are full and there is a wonderful spiritual life for those who choose to particpate

There is still so much to be done so many hearts to change. I've thought and prayed about it a lot and it is so clear to me that the only way to restore respect for life in our country is to change hearts. We can't give up in the political venue to be sure, but only by changing hearts will we ever stop the slaughter of the innocents.

I know that wherever I go this mission, this desire will be close to my heart.
Thanks be to God..


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