Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sitting in my chair

I'm sorry I haven't been posting much lately... the end of the Semester is always busy with talks and thank you dinners and all kinds of events. The Luau is this Friday and the students have really worked hard on it. They managed to get Sythian a band that even I can appreciate. When I come home I usually just collapse in my chair and veg.

The other day a young man appeared in my door, the first of many I suspect. His request was simple, " I want to become Catholic" he had been thinking about if for a while and the Holy Father's visit pushed him over the edge.

He comes from a wonderful family who just never really practiced any religion. For a while now he has felt himself being called to faith. Now he just has a hunger to learn and soak it up. He has even begun to bring his Mom back to Church.

I believe that we will reap the benefits of the Holy Fathers visit for years to come. It was a wonderful vote of confidence and something that I am really grateful for.

Here are a couple of videos which were part of CUA's Celebration of the Pope's visit. The first one we used as part of our catechesis on the ministry of Peter. The second one is a student tribute(Welcome") that we played at the "Rock the Pope Rally"

Hope you enjoy them..

Vicar of Christ
Thanks Sarah Winchester

CUA Welcomes the Pope
Thanks Sarah Hortsman

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