Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sitting in my chair....

The last few days have been very relaxed but I'm still a little tired... with the end of the mission trip I finally consider my school year to be over. Campus is pretty calm and a lot of people have begun vacations. I hope to have more time to blog toward the end of the year it was just plain hard to fit it in. Yet there is something therapeutic about sitting in this chair and sharing my life with whoever chooses to read this.

I was really sad to my by Bishop Turner High School 30 year reunion. I would have enjoyed getting back in touch with everyone. I have a few new contacts and when I get back in Buffalo this summer I will be sure to look them up.

What do I hope to do this summer ?

I want to read... any suggestions? I'm reading a book now called "Sex and the Soul" it is one author's study of sexuality and spirituality on college campuses... it is interesting but doesn't quite gel with my experience here at Catholic. I'm going to write about when I finish reading it.

I also want to recharge and exercise and get ready for another year. I have lots of little projects to do in the office and I have we are in the process of hiring for two positions in Campus Ministry. To my surprise we have a number of very good candidates for both. I am really grateful and excited about that... please keep those hires in your prayers...

I have the pictures of our Tanzanian Trip on Google... here is the link should you wish to look at them.

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sodajunkie said...


The pictures are fascinating! At times I felt like I was looking at a National Geographic magazine. Glad you are all back safely. It must have been an unforgettable experience.

Hope all is well!