Saturday, August 09, 2008

Another year begins...

This is number 11 at CUA.

Tonight we (the professional and students staffs) gathered on the roof of the friary for the annual welcome back cookout. Fr. Andy ran the grill and everyone chipped in.. Lots of food lots of stories lots of smiles lots of enthusiasm. Youthful exuberance to be sure and at its finest.

We have such wonderful students and tonight is always very moving inspiring if you will. Every year after the cookout we lay out our plan for their training (it takes two weeks), build community, feed your souls, keep your eye on the cross, program and plan well, respond appropriately to a crisis situations, know your faith and how to share it confidently, appropriate boundaries, appropriate boundaries, appropriate boundaries, appropriate boundaries. That's always a big one as you can guess. This year we passed out binders for the training and on the cover Erin Craine put the pictures of every student minister group for the last ten years. This program is so much bigger than anyone person or anyone year. Every single person has left their mark... impressive indeed.

To enter into prayer we played this song..... a message we should all think about

Amazing forever and a day..

I'm grateful, excited, and I'm going to bed.

God Bless you and pray for our student ministers...

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