Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Rain Check Don't Let Hanna Rain on Your Retreat

What a day...

The Office of Risk Management called up (yep we have one) and told me about the possibility of a storm hitting on Saturday right when we have our Freshman Retreat with 237 students registered . They heard it from DC Alert the same folks who sent me a text message this summer warning me that the heat index would be 1000 degrees.

After a few more calls including one to the Charles County Office of Emergency Management... we sadly and regretfully decided, to reschedule the retreat for next weekend. I was heart broken the kids were heart broken. We've really, they've really worked so hard and so long to put something really special together for their friends.... Now we have to cancel everything trucks, tents, retreat center, food etc. And have everything reordered for next weekend Yikes. We can and we will.

Praying Feet.....

Tonight after a multitude of meetings I found my way to Caldwell Chapel for Adoration. The place was packed... out the door. I have to admit I found Christ present in the prayerful faces of all those present almost as much as I find him present on the altar. Peace, Calm it's OK... I am with you thanks Lord.

Praying kids

They played this at Adoration inspiring...

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