Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Room Blessings....

Sometimes the rooms have that lived in look, other times their order puts my room to shame. There are posters on the walls and flat screen TVs , do they even make the old kind anymore? In the Millenniums they are often cooking and are happy to offer us something. We are almost always received with kindness and respect. Sometimes there are few awkward moments but we're pros at gliding through them. Yes it is room blessing time. I just finished my second night tonight two more weeks to go. I often say, I have blessed these rooms so many times I hope it will take some day (Just Kidding) Here is the prayer we say in every room as we sprinkle them with holy water..

Let us Pray...
Come Holy Spirit,
Bestow your grace on those who live, study, and sleep here.
Grant them your protection and safety
Inspire them to follow your will in their lives
Open their hearts to receive all who enter here with compassion and charity
Help them to study well
Console them when life becomes difficult
Never let them wander far from your love.
We ask this through Christ our Lord

At the end we alway offer to put up a paper crucifix... (the Man of the House) no one has ever refused.

Today we had a 2 hour staff meeting collaborative ministry is a lot of work. I had several appointments then a 1/2 hour nap. At 6:00 PM 20 young men who are discerning a vocation to the priesthood or religious life gathered for mass and a light supper and discussion. Each one stood up and introduced themselves and where they are in the discernment process.That's a big step for a kid, even going to a meeting like that is a huge step. One student admitted that he was afraid to tell his roomates he was discerning when he finally got the courage to talk to them to his surprise they both admitted the same thing. We watched the video "Fishers of Men" check it out on youtube. It is in two parts.

At 7:45 we started room blessings and when I walked into the office at 10:00 PM there were 25 students getting van certified, and two renew groups vying for the "prayer room" The men finally gave it to the women and found a place outside to break open the word.. A day in the life of CUA Campus Ministry...


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