Thursday, January 15, 2009


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Who are all of these kids and what are they doing in the great room of the Pryz.?
Believe it or not they are the returning DC Reads Tutors. Last semester there were over 200 of them. Some of them tutor for their federal work study grant and others simply volunteer.
During the school year Catholic U and some of the other Universities in DC send their students into DC public schools, private schools, and after school programs to do one on one tutoring. With this program our students have a real chance to make a difference in the lives children who find school so challenging. We are all proud this program and our students. There are so many good things that happen at CUA.

Tonight after the DC Reads meeting I ate in the cafeteria or our "Student Dining Room." The chicken was good and moist so moist that I got it all over my new jacket. The roast potatoes were also really good. I spent about two hours there chatting with those present. Everyone seemed so happy to be back and get in the swing of things. There's not much pressure yet.

Lots of people have were talking about walking down to the Inauguration. I'm not sure what I am going to do yet. After my MOP (Ministry of Presence ) time in the dining room. I went to the Office for a wedding prep meeting with Catlin Weiss and Stephen Mariconti.

Many years ago I baptized Caitlin in a salad bowl in St. Francis High School Chapel in Athol Spring. I remember putting hot water in the bowl because we didn't have a baptismal font. I was afraid the chapel would be cold. Who would have thought that I would be witnessing her wedding so many years later.

My night finished with a stop in Caldwell Chapel where our seminarians were having adoration for the CUA community.

Just thought I would give you a snap shot of my evening..

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