Friday, January 23, 2009

Like it never happened....

These past few days CUA has been a beehive of activity Almost 1500 guest stayed over night in the Dufour Center and Shrine, 200 Student Volunteers worked to keep them safe and make them feel welcome. 1800 meals were served to our guests, that's a lot of pasta and eggs and then a very large group of students with Fr. O'Connell, CUA's President, attended the March.

With the state of national politics it was obvious a significant presence was important... the Pro-Life Movement did not disappoint. Certainly any effort would appear small when compared to the President Obama's inauguration but the crowd was big and lively and not discouraged at all. It is always a young crowd a crowd filled with conviction and passion.

What saddens and mystifies, and to put it bluntly angers me is this. THE MARCH FOR LIFE IS THE LARGEST
ANNUAL DEMONSTATION IN WASHINGTON, I know I live here, and the media which is so biased againt this noble cause choses to ignore it every year. This year I taped the news on NBC and ABC to see how the march was covered... Nothing... not a word. Instead both showed President Obama checking out the closets of the White House Press Corp. Our local ABC affiliate showed the 20 pro choice protestors.

There I have issued my annual rant against a media elite which I find harder and harder to trust what a shame.

Don't worry we'll be back next year.

Hey Hey Ho Ho Rov v Wade has got to go.
Every step we take is for a child's sake.
CUA is prolife.
The Catholic University of America is Pro-Life Da.....
Women' Deserve Better
It is indeed.


Aquila said...

Fr. Bob,

Thanks for your rant! If it weren't for EWTN, there would be no TV coverage at all.

I was at the March for the first time in over 15 years, because my family and I were living on the west coast. The March is definitely much bigger than I remember it being, and the proportion of young people is much larger.

CenzLuBellsMom said...

Fr. Bob-
Its unfortunate that the news didn't cover this event. I kept looking for it on TV too. I wanted to see if I could see you and the kids in the crowd! But, regardless of the news coverage- it did happen, it was important and you and your students were a part of it!! Good for you!
Keep up the amazing work!