Friday, January 09, 2009

They're back...

The Student Ministers came back yesterday for our Semester Break Training. We began with a simple meal, then followed up with some time to share our Christmas Break blessings and possible a "New Year's Resolution" Almost to a person the student and professional staff viewed the time they spent with their families as the greatest blessings. Certainly there were challenging moments at home there always are in families, but all in all the time spent with our families was a blessing indeed.

As far as our resolutions went... Many spoke about the need to go deeper... in other words to deepen our faith. More prayer... more reflection more community.... deeper. This desire was shared equally by the both the professional and students staff.

After a reflection on how all of us have to continually need to renew our Yes to ministry we have been called to we all went up to Caldwell Chapel to reflect more on the word, break the Christmas Wafer and finish the evening with Night Prayer.

It is so good to have the back. What a fine group of young people.

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