Monday, February 02, 2009

Home sick but not alone....

I have a real bad cold with lots of aches and pains so I spent most of my time today home resting. But, I didn't spend the day alone. I spent it with one of the 4 inch thick student staff candidate binders. These binders contain the applications, ministry involvement reports, and letters of recommendation for all or most of our 60 student minister applicants. There are presently 18 positions available.

I have to say I am in awe of some of the stuff these kids have done in their lives, and I am also so grateful for their willingness to serve their peers on our campus. One student took a year off after High School to work with a community in Mexico and build a chapel. Two of our students were involved in the diocesan leadership programs for their youth and young adult ministries. Once students was very involved in her youth groups in Milan Italy. Many were in their National Honor Societies. Lots of them were very involved in their parishes and schools. Most have incredible references. I was particularly touched by the peer references that were submitted on their behalf. Many of our applicants are proud of their big families and so very grateful for their numerous siblings. Some have applied several times. They keep coming back because they believe that it is what God is calling them to do. The list of their accomplishments goes on and on and on.

Some of you who read this blog look to it for little snapshots of our life here at Catholic U. Anyone who wants to know about what makes our campus ministry program tick here at CUA should start by looking at our Student Ministers. They are truly the the hands and feet and mouths of Christ on our campus. This program expanded (doubled) under Fr. O'Connell's tenure at CUA, has been in existence for over 35 years. It works because, thanks be to God, there seems to be a never ending source of generous CUA students who are willing to step up and in addition to all of their other responsibilities as college students, share their lives and their faith with their peers.

We are so blessed indeed.... that's my two cents for the day. Now I'm taking two aspirins and drinking lots of water and going to bed.


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