Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Micro Center and Blocked Religious Content

A while ago I blogged about a visit to Micro Center, my favorite computer store, and how I discovered that they were blocking all religious content on the computers in their store. To look at that post click here.
Not long after the my post I received a comment from their corporate headquarters.. I will post their response below.
I am not foolish or vain enough to think I had anything to do with their decision to unblock religious content. They must have made that decision way before my post. They lifted the block a day after my visit to Micro Center, and before I even blogged.  However I am grateful that they did the right thing, and unblocked their internet connection.
Micro Center’s Response…
Hello Fr. Schlageter,
I wanted to thank you for your feed back and make you aware that we have lifted religion from our blocks site.  This was effective 3/1/10. Can you tell me when you visited the store. I could not find a date on the blog.

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F.B. said...

Micro Center is a place of business. Why should they have to allow either employees or customers to go to religious websites, which have nothing whatsoever to do with selling their products?