Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Commencement Prayer 2010


Lord as we finish the 121th commencement of the Catholic University of America
we are filled with gratitude and expectation.
For once again You send forth from this holy place
another class of fine young women and men
who are ready to take their place in our world.

Some are excited.
Some have been ready to go for a while.
Some may even be a little nervous but all of them are ready.

They will care for the sick.
They will teach, preach and inspire.
They will build beautiful structures.
And delve into the wonders of your creation.
They will listen and give wise counsel.
They will open up for us whole wide range of emotions with their talents on the stage and screen.
With their music and the gift of their art they will draw us into the mystery of your beauty .

We are sad to see them go, but filled with anticipation We can’t wait to see
the good that they will do with the many gifts that you have given them.

Thank you for our graduates Lord
Thank you for those who have brought them to this beautiful moment.
Bless their parents and grandparents
Their siblings, spouses,
Their friends, teammates, classmates professors
Bless everyone who has inspired them on their journey.

And thank you for The Catholic University of America
May it never waver in its commitment to truth
and its commitment to you.
We ask all of these things    
Through Christ our Lord   Amen

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