Saturday, May 21, 2011

The 5th Sunday of Easter – Year A – 2011

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Responsorial Psalm
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Do not let your hearts be troubled have faith in God and faith in me.

Today’s Gospel is very important for all of us to hear.
So often we find ourselves worried or anxious.
We worry about so many things.

Some people seem to worry about everything.
We worry about what people think of us.

We worry about the things we have and the things we want.

There is a whole industry called marketing whose job it is to make us worry more about what we don’t have
and convince us we need it.

We worry about our health but quite frequently we worry about it when it is too late and very difficult to do anything about it.

We worry about our loved ones and that’s not bad

But when you think about it
besides loving without condition,
helping them out when we can,
and giving a good example what exactly can we do for them ?

This week a lot of people were worried that the world would end yesterday and if you are hearing this it didn’t.

Some people were very worried..
Both Fr. Michael and I received lots of questions.

Here’s my advice if the world ends during our life time.
Go to confession,
Don’t pack anything,
Find the people you love and a bottle of wine and go home together to God.

Worry Worry Worry Worry
Maybe I’m projecting my own problems on all of you but
I don’t think I’m alone in this regard.

Many of might be tempted to say,
“Jesus just doesn’t get it.
Doesn’t he see that we have to worry ?
There are bills to pay and jobs to get done and disaster is always just around the corner.

Some might say…
What are we supposed to do just sit back and take life as it comes accepting everything that comes our way?

Does God want us to be like a blade of grass blown around in the wind.
No.. we are more than a blade of grass

God has given us gifts.
We have an intellect we can think and reason.
We have a free will and we can choose.
We are able to create, to dream, to work, and to love.

God would not have us waste these gifts but use them.
We have all of these gifts to serve one purpose.
They were given to us with one goal in mind salvation.

The purpose of our life  and all the gifts we have received is to find our way home to God.

Everything we do should be directed toward our salvation,
the salvation of our loved ones
and the salvation of the whole world.

Everything we do
Every energy we have should be directed in that toward that one goal.

No God has not given us this live to sit back passively sit by and watch life go by.

But God also does not want us to be consumed by worry and anxiety.

Do not let your hearts be troubled have faith in God and faith in me. 

Do not let your hearts be troubled.

My mom is a refrigerator person.
Our whole life the front of the refrigerator has been filled with stuff
Our school work..
Our pictures
Telephone numbers
Now there is a list of her doctor appointments and medications
All of her emergency numbers and pictures of her grand kids
If you want to know anything about Mom just go to the refrigerator

The last time I was home there was another small piece of paper..

On it was written
Hello this is God and I want you to have a good day today
Nothing will come your way that we can’t handle
Don’t worry
You are very precious to me and you are very talented.
I love you now and I will love you forever .
signed God..

If we could every put those simple words into practice
What a different world it would be.

Do not let your hearts be troubled…


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