Sunday, May 05, 2013

Sixth Sunday of Easter Time Year C - 2013

And Jesus said to his disciples.
“Whoever loves me will keep my word”
Our world is filled with words. Words are the primary way we communicate with each other.
We use words to express our deepest hopes and our most sincere convictions. Think back to the first time you heard someone say “I love you” besides your Mother.
Those 3 words probably changed your life.
Words have the power to build up and to inspire. Sadly, they also have the power to destroy and alienate.
Because words are so powerful, because they can do so much harm, and so much good, it is very important that we must consider not only the meaning of the words spoken to us. but also the person who speaks them.
Only when we consider the source can we really understand how important words are.
For example, the media is a very powerful force in contemporary society. We all know it tries to guide our lives and shape public opinion. The media is famous for shaping the truth rather than simply reporting it.  So often there is a hidden agenda when people communicate with us.
We have continually to ask ourselves  whose words do we want to trust?
Whose words do we want to mold and shape the lives of our children?
Whose words do we want to shape the lives of our grandchildren?
Do we trust the New Testament or the New York Times?
If we want to keep God’s Word as Jesus asks us, it is important for us to do three things:
First, we have to listen to God’s Word with a pure heart.
We should never try and use God’s word for our purposes or our agenda.
Some are of the opinion the Church has to update what we preach or get with the times. They are of the opinion that we have conform God’s Word to our modern culture.
I’ve read that and heard it over and over again.
Lots of Churches have done this and most of them are empty.
When people say something like this, it becomes crystal clear to me that they don’t understand our responsibility is to respect God’s Word.
The moment we change it for our purpose, the moment it ceases being God’s Word and becomes our word.
The Word of God is not ours to rewrite, even when the culture changes or the tide of public opinion moves in one direction or the other.
We must be faithful to God’s word and God’s will in season and out of season no matter what the rest of the world thinks.
Second, We have to listen to it and allow it to prune and shape our lives.
This requires time, it requires a significant investment in time.
If we are to use to Word of God to shape our lives we have to be familiar with it.
God’s word has to be on our fingertips ready to guide us when questions arise.
Speaking frankly there is a lot of room for growth here in our Church.
Yes, we have a Scripture study that meets periodically in peoples’ homes but we have to do more in this area.
And it can’t always be from the top down.
It can’t always be the priest feeding the parish.   Every Catholic has the responsibility to step up and feed themselves.
Finally, if we want to keep God’s words we have to be willing to give it away, or proclaim it.
Our appreciation of God’s word can’t be a just a personal thing something we keep for ourselves.
We have to be willing to share its
It is the responsibility of the Church, and each one of us to proclaim the Words given to us by God and the truths they contain without fear and without compromise not matter what the cost.
Let us keep God’s Word  by being faithful to it .
Allowing it to change our hearts and proclaiming it without fear.
For Jesus said “Whoever loves me will keep my word,and my Father will love him,
and we will come to him and make our dwelling with him.”

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