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In the Bulletin - Weekend of June 9th

June 9, 2013 In the Bulleting

You Spoke, They Listened
For several weeks, we informed you that the state government was going to cut funding for Busing for our Catholic Schools.  Many people called from our parish.  We are happy to report that the Appropriations Committee  has made a decision.  Our school  kids will continue to have busing.  It just goes to show you  how important it is to advocate for just causes.  Thank you so much  for your response  in this important matter.  You spoke, they listened. Thanks be to God.
Fr. Raymond
As some of you may know,  Fr. Raymond went into the hospital unexpectedly on Monday and ended up having quadruple bypass surgery on his heart. The surgery lasted 5 hours, but we are happy to say everything went well. Fr. Raymond has a long recovery ahead of him; they tell us his recovery period may last 3-4 months. Please join us in thanking God for Fr. Raymond’s successful surgery.  I know we can count on your prayers.
The KGS Committee
The Committee met again last Monday and continued its review of possible site plans for our new property across the street. While the whole project will be very expensive, it will increase our campus by 60% and position us well for the future. Of course we all knew that the primary expense would be the abatement and demolition of the building.  Sadly,  it has simply deteriorated beyond repair.  When this project is complete, we will be leaving those who will follow us a very beautiful parish campus.
Our Eighth Grade
Our Eighth Grade graduated last week.  Some of them had attended Saint Paul School for 11 years, from Pre-K all the way through. We will miss the families as much as we will miss the kids. All of us know how successful Saint Paul School is, we have the national test results to prove it. Please say a little prayer for our eighth graders as they take the next step in their lives. I assure you they are well prepared. Also, please spread the word about the incredible success we are having at your parish school. It just goes to show you what differentiated instruction, dedicated families, great teachers and the support of a faith-based community can do for a bunch of terrific kids.
Word is out and there are only a few places left in our Pre-K3 and Pre-K4 programs. With the hiring of more staff and the addition of another classroom for Pre-K4,  we have significantly increased the size and scope of our very successful program. As soon as people heard that we were expanding, there was a rush to get their child’s name on the list. If you are interested in Pre-K at Saint Paul School, please make sure to call the school office ASAP. Spaces are very limited.
Summer Camp
Our parish summer camp is one of my favorite things we do here at St. Paul’s. It benefits everyone. The families who participate have the peace of mind knowing that their children are in a safe and fun place for the summer, for the week, or for the day. For stay at home Mom’s and Dad’s,  its a great place to put your kids for a week or two when you are running out of ideas on what to do for them. It gives you a breather and it gives them something different to do.  The program is staffed by young adults from our parish who have an incredible amount of energy and who seem to enjoy the campers presence as much as the campers enjoy theirs. This is the third year that the camp is under the able direction of Mrs. Scalora.  She and her return staff have really developed a great program.  Space is still available and we have a very flexible registration program to meet families’ needs. Please see the parish or school website for more information. Here’s a thought,  maybe Saint Paul Summer Camp could even be a gift that a Grandma and Grandpa could give their grandchildren over the summer. You could let them stay over at your house at night and go to camp during the day.
The Year of Faith Mass
Last week after our Masses, Sal, the Crenella’s and I took a small group of young people to the Cathedral of St. Joseph for the Year of Faith Mass. We arrived early because I was worried about parking (I’m my Mother’s son) so I had a chance to take our kids around the Cathedral and show them things particular to a Cathedral Church, like the Bishop’s chair or “cathedra” and the Oils which are blessed at the Chrism Mass.  In the early afternoon when the light pours through the windows of the Cathedral, it’s beautiful. After the Mass, I treated them to supper and a ride on some go karts. I took off my habit for the go kart ride, and I came in 4th.  Not bad for 58 years old. I even beat Sal.
The High School Youth Group
The High School Youth Group was packed last Monday night. The group had a great time doing what High School Youth groups do, and celebrating Sal’s Birthday. Sal stands out after each of the Masses and tries to greet people as they come out of Church. If you see him, please stop and thank him for the good work that he does with our youth.  I know you agree, that we have to do a better job at reaching out to the young people of our Church. The addition of our Youth Minister has been a huge step in the right direction.
It’s free and fun
The Family Life Committee is planning another Drive-in Movie Night.  Last year it was so beautiful to see families bring their kids and watch a movie together in our parking lot. The date is June 14th, and if you are looking for something fun and free to do with your kids, add the Saint Paul Movie night to your Summer bucket list. You won’t be disappointed.
The Census Update
Our census ladies are still hard at work updating our census. It is a huge task, but they are making progress. The pile of forms to be processed shrinks every week. It almost takes 20 minutes to fix a record and update everything. The volunteers promise me that they pray for every family they update. If you have not returned your census update form, please do so as soon as you can, so that we can keep this very important project moving forward.

Whew that’s enough for this week...
God bless you,

Fr. Robert

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