Saturday, July 20, 2013

16th Sunday of Ordinary Time Year - C - 2013

May the peace of Christ reign in our hearts

Today’s Gospel is very familiar we’ve all heard it over and over again.

Sometimes all of us have felt the same indignation that Martha felt when it seemed that we were:

doing all the work,
making all of the sacrifices,
or doing all the forgiving.

Jesus loved Martha and Mary
He seems to have enjoyed their company,

and when they needed Him the most he came, risking his life and the lives of his followers to raise their dear Brother Lazarus from the dead.

Let’s look a little more closely at Martha for a minute

Martha was a doer,

She was a get the job done kind of woman her whole life.

The only problem was that Martha was so worried about hospitality  that she didn’t really allow herself to realize who Jesus was.

The Messiah, The Son of God, had come into her house and she was worried about the potatoes.

She was probably so busy that she rarely took the time to sit still and reflect on anything.

So true to form, when Jesus came, She failed to realize the significance of the moment and she missed the better portion which her sister Mary had enjoyed.

When we heard that Jesus told Martha that she was worried about many things...

We understand that Martha must have been not only  busy also  anxious .

Being Busy and Anxious are two personality traits which make it difficult for us to open our heart to God’s word and God’s will.

If we are busy then we find it difficult to think and reflect about our lives.

If we are always anxious it makes us difficult for us to trust the loving providence of God.

I am sure that Jesus enjoyed Martha’s hospitality but he didn’t need it.

All he needed all he really wanted was to share the message of God’s love with Martha but he couldn’t get her to sit down and listen.

The Gospel calls us to look at ourselves:

Do we live reflective lives?

Do we take time to sit and think before we get busy doing something?

Do we hid in our busyness?

Do we take pride busyness and look down at others who are not as conscientious.

If God were to come into our lives today would we be worried about the dinner and the drinks and the potatoes or would chose the better portion that Mary found and Jesus spoke about.

Let’s try to worry a little less.. and trust a little more.

My Mom used to have a note on the door of her refrigerator it’s on my dresser now.

It said.

Good Morning this is God

I’ll be taking care of all of your problems today and I don’t need your help.

Truer words were never spoken.


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