Saturday, January 25, 2014

3rd Sunday of Ordinary Time Year - A - 2013

When we read how Jesus called his first disciples at first glance it seems kind of weird.

Who would leave everything and freely follow someone they didn’t even know.

If someone you never saw before comes up to you and says come follow me
Don’t go, it flies in the face of reason.

The scholars tell us that Jesus had been preaching in the Galilee for a while and many believe that James and John, Peter and Andrew had probably heard Jesus preach, they might have even listened to him several times.

Maybe Jesus had looked out in the crowds as he spoke and saw that they interested in what he had to say.

Whatever the case, when Jesus called they left everything and followed him.

If we are honest with ourselves we have to say that God calls us all the time.
All of us have been called by God.

When the little old lady down the street calls, and we see her number on the caller id, and we know that if we answer it will probably mean a half hour of our time listening,  God is calling.

When we don’t really need anything, but we want to just go out and buy something, just because we think it will make us happy,
and in our mind we think of someone who really needs the money we are about to waste on ourselves, God is calling.

When we realize that we know next to nothing about our faith, but we can’t even bring ourselves to buy a good Catholic book or make any effort to deepen in our relationship with God,  that is God calling.

When you get home from work and your wife or husband was with the kids all day and you know he or she could really use some down time, that is God calling.

When there is a new initiative in the parish or our school and you know you have the skills to help out, but you just don’t want to get involved, God is calling.

When we were hurt by someone and we know we should forgive them but we just don’t want to let go of our anger or resentments God is calling.

When everyone else at work is slacking because the boss is at a conference and you know in your heart it’s just not right to follow their example, God is callings

God is always calling us to do this and avoid that.

Quite frequently our response is not like that of the First Apostles.

Many times when God calls we pretend we just didn’t hear.

Many times when God calls we say to ourselves, I can’t do that even though it was God Himself who was calling and He knows we can.

Sometimes when God calls we simply say call me later or I’ll answer you call when it is convenient for me or,

I’ll answer your call when I have nothing else to do.

Sometimes we place God’s call way down on the list of our priorities. We say things to ourselves like I’ll get to that after I’ve taken care my needs or my wants.

Many of us respond to God’s call by saying I’ll do what you want
if you do what I want,
and you have to do what I want first.

The response of the first Apostles was immediate, radical and generous.

The world would be such a different place if our yes to God’s many calls was half as immediate and generous.

We are God’s hands and feet.

Through our lives and with our words the Gospel must be proclaimed and those in need must be cared for.

And Jesus said,
Come follow me and they did, let us do the same.


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