Saturday, July 11, 2015

Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B - 2015

In the 2nd reading today St. Paul reminds us that each and every one of us was chosen by God before the foundation of the world.

It is a beautiful thing to be chosen or to be loved by someone

Can your remember the first time someone other than your Mom said I love you and meant it? I’m sure it was a powerful moment.

Being chosen and loved by God is wonderful a gift beyond our understanding.

Sadly we all know that there are many so people in the world who just don’t feel loved.
They don’t feel lovable.
They don’t feel appreciated.

Today’s Gospel reminds us that being a disciple of Jesus is not only about us.

With discipleship comes the obligation not the option but the obligation to help people understand that they too are loved by God.

Being a disciple isn’t only about getting your own house in order before God.

No, when we chose to follow Christ, in addition to living a righteous life we are also called to share the Good News and bring others to discipleship.

In today’s Gospel Jesus tells us how to do just that.

The first thing you notice is that Jesus sends his followers out two by two or in a little community.

He sends them out two by two so they could care for eachother
He sends them out two by two  so that if one got discouraged or tired the other could encourage him and carry the heavy load for a while.  

They go two by two  so that the care and concern they showed for each other is the very first homily they preached even before they open their mouths. (You will know they are Christians by their love)

He also told them not to bring any food, or money or even a second tunic.

At first glance it seems almost foolhardy to leave without any resources.

Jesus tells his disciples and us to travel through life lightly so that we can wholly dependent on God and on the generousity of others. God will provide.

When they arrived in a town Jesus told them to take the first invitation that they received, and stay there so that they would not shop around and see if someone offered them more gracious hospitality.

Proclaiming the good news can never be about personal profit, getting compensated or taking the best offer.  

When he sent them out he sent them out with authority, his authority to speak in his name and heal the sick in his name.

Yes Jesus founded a missionary Church and gave each of us the task of bring people to faith in Him

And it would be naive for any one of us to think  the question… “Who did you bring to faith will not be on our final final exam in front the pearly gates?

All of us are sent
Sent to the people we love
Sent to the people we meet along life’s journey

Like the early disciples let’s try to travel light. So that we can God where God needs us to go and not grow too comfortable or complacent. This is no easy task

Travelling Light is not easy. When I entered the seminary
We were given a list of things we could bring right down to the number of underwear
Two days before I left my Mom bought me new socks and underwear because she didn't want me going to the seminary with anything that had rips stains or holes.
Everything I had everything fit into one  suitcase.

When I moved here it took the back of a pickup truck and a car loaded to the roof
One of the wisenheimers kids who was helping me load the truck said.
If all this stuff you have is poverty… I can’t wait for chastity.

Brothers and Sisters…
The world is not very friendly to religion these days especially Christian and Catholics

Yes it’s easier and safer to stay home,
to keep our mouths shut in conversations, and be concerned about our own well being rather than share the Good News.

Last week we heard how Jesus was not accepted in his own town.
That great disappointment didn’t stop him, didn’t hold him back.
Almost immediately Jesus sent out the disciple to try again.

Yes Jesus compels us and love compels us to go out into our communities, into our neighborhoods, our families, our places of work, and find a way to make disciples of all nations…

We need to go out into the hworld with others that’s why Jesus us gave us the church
We need to travel lightly not bogged down with lots of stuff
We should never preach the Gospel for our own profit or benefit.
and when we go we should not be afraid because Jesus has given us the authority to speak in his name.

Let us tell  have been loved and chosen by God from the beginning of the world.

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Unknown said...

You are a true disciple of Christ, God chose you!!
Happy Anniversary from Regina Kastner