Saturday, November 14, 2015

33rd Sunday of Ordinary Time - Year B - 2015

The Egyptians built a great civilization but after time much of what they built was covered up by the blowing sands of the Sahara Desert.

The Romans also created a great civilization. During the Roman Empire there were incredible accomplishments in art, engineering, music and architecture. But in 476 the western part of the empire just imploded and Rome was sacked. It must have seemed like the end of the world to the Romans but it wasn’t.

In our own time in 1917 the Russian Revolution led to the creation of the Soviet Union. As amazing as it seems communism and the Soviet Union only lasted around 74 years. It was a mere blip on the radar screen of history. Yet, when I was growing up the Soviet Union seemed so strong and fearful. Here today gone tomorrow.

In the passage from Gospel of Mark which we heard today,Jesus is no longer preaching to crowds.
He is not walking along the dusty roads of Galilee with his disciples.

He is not healing the sick.
He is already in Jerusalem and he is spending his time with his closest disciples.

You see he knows that his time on earth draws to an end.

He knows how much His death on the cross will frighten and dissolution his followers so he is trying to warn them and prepare them.

Remember when he speaks to his disciples Jesus is also speaking to everyone of us.

He doesn’t hide the cross from his followers.
He doesn’t say to us follow me and you’ll never have any troubles.

He knows that, our lives, and the lives of every human being there will be transitions and difficult moments, very difficult moments.

He knows that some will be tempted to lose hope and lose faith.
He knows and wants us to be ready for the trials we will face.
All of our lives will be filled with transitions blessings and challenges.
Sometimes there will even be circumstances which will seem to push us to our limits.

Brothers and Sisters Today’s Gospel challenges us to ultimately place our faith and our hope in God
God’s love alone is constant everything else changes and passes away.

And so when we face sickness or when our job is in doubt
or when our children or grandchildren have problems
or when the shadow of hate seems so strong like it did in Paris last Friday,
let’s hold on to our faith and move forward with hope
Let us trust him and
let us all hold on to hope.
hope for a better tomorrow
hope for a better world
let us hope even when the clouds are dark and the wind is cold
let us hope even in the shadow of the cross.

That’s what Jesus wanted for his disciples as he walked toward the cross and that’s what Jesus wants us to do as we face life challenges. 

For God’s love us is stronger than death itself


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