Friday, January 01, 2016

The Feast of the Epiphany 2016

The Magi were wealthy learned men.

They were Men who at first glance seemed to have all that they could ever want or need.

Certainly they had enough to be comfortable
and yet something was stirring in their hearts... they could not rest.
They found no peace because they heard the call of the star.

And so each one of them decided to set out on a journey,
to answer the call of the new star rising in the East.

On this journey they left the comfort of home and friends and family
On this journey they travelled to strange and foreign lands
On this journey everyone they met was not honest or good

Yet, on they went with really no assurance that they would ever find what they were looking for.

Like the magi, all of us have been born with a call
a call that we must answer, and a journey we must make..
God has a plan for all of us
God needs us like he needed the Magi to witness to his Son born in a manger.

In order to respond to that call, each of  us must be willing
to leave our home and our family and those things which give us security and make us comfortable.

To answer God’s call, the call of the star we must be willing let go of our security and to make our way into an unknown future.

Sure there will be risks on our journey and obstacles along our path

There will even be detours and wrong turns and maybe even dead ends that will mean we will have to turn around and start over.

There will also be other people, each pursuing their journey, some of  them will  be helpful, while others may deter or delay our progress.

Notice the self serving role that Herod played in today’s Gospel narrative.

On our journeys, we too will encounter Herods.
Their deceptions may fool us; their manipulations may even cause us to lose our way.

Along with the Herods, however, there will be helpers who support our journey.
we must allow ourselves to be guided by the light of faith.

You know as I look out in our Church I can see that some are at the beginning of their journey.

Some are half way home I hope I’m over halfway

And some in our pews are towards the end of their journey cramming for their final exams of life.

Many of them carry the burden of sickness or loneliness

This week I will spend a beautiful evening with some of our college kids
The excitement they always have as they start their journey is incredible and life giving.

No matter where we are in the journey our faith teaches us that we must do our best to faithfully answer the God’s call and follow God’s plan.

Don’t worry we have what it takes
God would not call us to do something beyond our ability

Like Magi we all have gifts
Like Magi may we generously share them with God and with those in need.

In this New Year Let listen carefully to God’s call
Let us ask ourselves what God wants from us,
What God  needs from us.

And then like the Magi let us faithfully continue or begin our journey our search for God and God’s will with generous hearts


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