Sunday, March 20, 2016

Palm Sunday - 2016

One of the most important questions a person has to answer in life is simply
How do I know if he loves me or how do I know if she loves me.

At first glance it seems like a simple question but tragically we all know that it is very easy to make a mistake and many people do.

Experience teaches  us that

If someone laughs at all of your jokes it doesn’t mean they love you.
If someone gives you everything you want it doesn’t mean that they love you.
If someone stays with you for a long time it doesn’t necessarily mean that they love you.
If someone tells you that  you are beautiful it doesn’t mean they love you. .

No I would venture to say that the only way you can be really sure if someone loves you is if they are willing to suffer with you and suffer for you.
Then and only then can you begin to believe that some really loves you.

Today we heard the reading of the passion.
It is never easy to listen to.
The humiliation and emotional anguish and extreem physical suffering that Jesus the Son of Mary and the Son of God endured for us
Is proof positive that he loves us and cares for us.

If  you have been feeling lonely
If you life keeps throwing things at you and you don’t know what to do.
If you can’t figure out what your next step should be
I encourage you to turn to Jesus Christ
LIsten to his words and follow his example
Holy weeks is a perfect time to start.
Three days which proclaim the entirety of our faith.
On Holy Thursday The power of the Eucharist, the humility of our fellowship
The depth of God’s love on the cross
And the power and joy of the resurrection.

I’ve you’ve never go to all of the Holy Week services give it a shot this year.
Enter into the mysteries
Pray them well and open your heart to God…
He longs for our love and he longs for us to accept his love.


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