Sunday, April 30, 2017

3rd Sunday of Easter Year - A 2017

And First Communion

Boys and Girls
The two friends and followers of Jesus who were walking on the road to Emmaus were walking the wrong way/

They were walking away from Jerusalem
They were walking away from the Upper room where their friends and apostles were hiding
They were sad and discouraged
They didn’t understand what had happened to Jesus

Jesus loved the two men on the road and he knew they were suffering and confused.
He loved them so very much that he looked for them.

And when he found them he walked with them and listened patiently to their worries and concern

As he explained things He gave them hope and understanding.
He calmed their fears.

And when it was time for Jesus to take another road he didn’t force himself on them he simply pretended that he was going to keep walking but they sensed there was something special about this stranger  they had met on the road and they begged him to stay with them.

Then at supper time. They passed the bread basket to Jesus, back then the bread didn’t come sliced like it does now but people simply took the loaf and tore off a piece.

When Jesus took the bread and tore a piece off for them.
They realized who the stranger was, they knew it was Jesus,
they realized how much he loved them they realized that all was not lost.

And then Jesus vanished we don’t really know where he went

Some say maybe he went to find another disciple in need.

Maybe he went to console another friend / follower who was sad discouraged and confused. We don’t know how many disciples Jesus helped that day.

The lesson that we have to take from this is very important for those who are receiving first communion today and very important for everyone in this Church.

When life gets difficult
When we are afraid or lonely or discouraged
When we’ve made big mistakes or done something bad
or hurt someone we love
Don’t walk the wrong way
Don’t walk away from your friends and family
Don’t walk away from the church.

No matter what has happened to you
No matter what you’ve done.

Jesus loves from the beginning of our existence
He loves us now, and he will always love us no matter what.
Nothing nothing nothing can keep him from loving us nothing.

Boys and girls No matter where life takes you, No matter what you’ve do
you will always find God in the breaking of the bread.

We have a new name for the breaking of the bread we call it Mass.

You will always find God in the Church even if you walk away for a while he will be present in your life

He will try and find ways into your heart
and here in the church and every church he will be waiting for you.

So When you’re sad,, when you’re lonely,
when you’re confused,
when you disappointed

Come to Church / Come to Mass and encourage others to do the same

I promise if you need him you will always find him here.

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