Sunday, April 09, 2017

Palm Sunday 2017

Jesus encountered many people on his way to Calvary.

There was the crowd that welcomed Him into Jerusalem in triumph  
then screamed crucified him when he stood before Pilate.

There was the woman who begged for forgiveness and anointed Jesus with expensive oil.

There was the anonymous man who gave Jesus and his friends the upper room for their last Passover together.

There were his disciples, his dearest friends, who abandoned him filled with fear as soon as there was trouble.

There was Judas who was filled with a tragic mixture pride and self righteousness he died lonely and broken in despair.

There were the priests and the scribes and the pharisees who only thought about themselves and were worried about their power and prestige.

There was the woman at the fire, a gossip, who taunted Peter to deny Jesus.

There was Peter who overcome with fear denied his dearest friend and wept bitterly because of it.

There were the people who taunted him as he hung in agony on the cross.

There were the women and the youngest disciple who remained faithful to him to the end.

My dear friends
there is a little bit of each one of those people, in each and everyone of us

Sometimes we are eager to love and help others.
Sometimes we are filled with pride and anger.
Sometimes we care about the truth and sometimes the truth doesn't matter at all..

Sometimes we go with the crowd even when they are wrong simply because it’s easier.

Jesus knew each and every one of those people he encountered those last few days of his life
And yet he loved all of them. Remember what he said from the cross
Father Forgive them they don’t know what they are doing.

Jesus knows everyone of us,
and everything about us and he loves us too.
And if  you or me were the only one human being in need of salvation Jesus would have died any one of us just the same

Yes Jesus would have died for any one of us amazing

This week we have some unique opportunities to know more about Jesus and his love for us.

On Monday there are our Easter Confessions. I hope many of you chose to attend. Especially if it’s been a long time. I love giving someone absolution especially when they’ve been away from the sacrament a long time.Why not begin this Holy Week with a clean slate.

On Tuesday there is the Chrism Mass at the Cathedral my Dad always took our family to the Chrism Mass we never missed it. If you are retired or have the day off… Fastrac 101 goes right by the Cathedral so you can avoid the parking problems down there.

On Thursday at 7:00 we can meditate on Holy Eucharist and the saving power of humble service.

On Friday at 3:00 once again we can meditate on the cross and the power of suffering love over sin and death.

On Saturday we can keep vigil at the most sacred liturgy of the year the Easter Vigil. The Easter vigil is when we welcome new members into the church. And we will welcome several new Catholics young and old.

Make your Holy Week Holy by participating in these most special moments in life of the Church prayerfully and it will make a difference in your lives

May we walk together on these most holy of days.


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