Sunday, May 07, 2017

4th Sunday of Easter Year A - 2017

Good Shepherd Sunday
(And First Communion)

Boys and Girls
Sheep are beautiful gentle animals
Before the farmers take their wool to make clothes they are big and fluffy and soft.

Sheep never get angry when a wolf or some other animal comes a sheeps only defense is to run away

One thing that sheep are really good at is eating

The love new grass so they keep their head down looking for the next blade to eat and they eat and they eat and they eat.

Sometimes they are so focused on eating that they don’t even see that the flock has moved away and then they become lost. Sheep are always getting lost and the shepherds have to go our and find them.

No Sheep aren’t the smartest animals but they do know who they are and who their shepherd is.
Every night the Shepherd puts the sheep into a pen or  sheepfold to keep them safe.

Then when morning comes their shepherd would come out and calls their name.

Because Tthey know their name and because they know the voice of their shepherd they will only come out when he calls.
If someone else calls their name will not come out.

Why do the sheep only follow their shepherd?
Because they know the shepherd loves them and they know that he will keep them safe and take them to good pastures.

Boys and Girls we have to ask ourselves who do we listen to?
Who do we trust?
Who do we follow?

Whose voice should we listen too and follow.

We should never follow anyone who is angry or a bully
We should never follow anyone who always thinks about themselves first
We should never follow someone who only cares about money and what people have.
We should never follow anyone who thinks they are better than others.

We need to follow the voice of Jesus, the Good Shepherd.
We need to listen to him.
Jesus loves us
Jesus teaches us how to love, how to forgive, what is right and what is wrong.

Jesus loves us so much he died for our sins like a good shepherd

We should also always listen to the voice of those who care for us.

It’s important to listen to your parents and your grandparents

There is no one in the whole world who loves you more than them.

They love you with your faults they love you when you're good they even love you when you’re bad.

Your family is your family…

Boys and Girls on this day on which you will receive your first communion please make it your plan to listen to always listen voice of Jesus  your Good Shepherd  and to listen to the voices of those who love you.

If you do you will have a good and happy life and that’s what everyone in this Church wants for you.



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